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Food selection

These dishes are offered every day!

  • Fish soup pot with root vegetables and peppers
  • Juicy pastrami with gherkin-aioli and lettuce
  • delicious cold smoked salmon trout with lettuce and horseradish dressing
  • Ravioli filled with chanterelle, served with browned butter and parmesan cheese
  • delicious lamb sausage with refreshing cucumber cream salad
  • Juicy paprika chicken stew with pasta
  • Apricot dumpling made of ice cream

This is only available until the end of August!

  • Kohlrabi cream soup with lemon oil anc croutons
  • Carpaccio of tomatoes with red onions, beans and honey-basil-vinaigrette
  • Tepidly smoked catfish from the Lake Neusiedl with saffron-lemon sauce
  • Raviolo filled with mushrooms, brown butter and parmesan
  • Creamy chicken ragout with mushrooms of the season and butter rice
  • Beef sausages with delicious lentil salad
  • Sweet pepper stuffed with rice and minced meat served with tomatoe sauce and boiled potatoes
  • Original Tichy ice cream apricot dumplings on fruit spatula

Bites accompanying your glass of wine

  • Piece of root bacon
  • Meatball made of Mangalitza meat from Richard Triebaumer for spreading
  • Cold ring of black Pork in aspic
  • Organic sheep cheese from the region Seewinkel
  • Creamy sheep cheese with fried paprika
  • Delicate spreads with Oliveoil, herbs and lemon marinated Olives
  • Wine tavern´s classic – Liptauer hedgehog (hedgehog made of cheese spread)
  • Cheese from Austria
  • Mountain cheese with pickled honey-rosemary-nuts

Open from 15th  of May 2020

Monday to Friday from 4 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 11 a.m.
Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday: May to June, October and November
Closed Tuesday: July to September

We cook fresh food on weekdays from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.!


Buschenschank Peter Schandl . Hauptstraße 20 . A - 7071 Rust . Tel: 02685 20484 . Mail: info@buschenschankschandl.at


Wappen Buschenschank Schandl
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